0.5.3 experimental emulator written in Python.


You need Python 3.9+ and a MariaDB server. For project requirements, install them with pip3 install -r requirements.txt.

You will need a realm, a dbc and a world database, more info can be found in the config.yml file you will find inside etc/config/. Also, you will need to rename the .dist config file to match the correct config name.

Once you create the three databases, populate them using the corresponding sql files located inside etc/databases. If there are any sql updates, apply them in order.

Run in Docker

Minimum requirements are docker 19.03+ and docker-compose 1.28+. You can install docker through your OS package manager or via download through the site and docker-compose using pip3 install docker-compose.

  1. Copy etc/config/config.yml.dist to etc/config/config.yml.
  2. Run: docker-compose up -d.

Development in Docker

The docker-compose configuration will mount the entire project folder on /var/wow in the main container. To access the container run docker-compose exec main bash as usual, to inspect the logs docker-compose logs -f main.

To enable extra development features please run docker-compose --profile dev up to run the project with the developer profile on.

If run with the development profile the codebase will be under a continuous watch process and server will reboot everytime the code has changed. To manually restart the server run docker-compose restart main.

In addition a phpmyadmin image is provided in the docker-compose for ease of browsing the database, this is accessible through compose profiles. You can access phpmyadmin by visiting http://localhost:8080.

Rebuilding the database

To rebuild the database from scratch and apply again all the updates run docker-compose up --renew-anon-volumes sql. Note: this will WIPE any custom handmade changes, including accounts.

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