we’ve put together a collection of the best Asphalt Crack Fillers that are currently available on the market. To help you find the perfect Asphalt Crack Filler among a wide variety of options, we constantly update our collection with new and trending models.

10 Best Asphalt Crack Fillers

Based on dozens of customer reviews and ratings, the followings are the top 10 best-selling Asphalt Crack Fillers:

Top Rated Asphalt Crack Filler Reviews

Since we’ve mentioned 10 different models of Asphalt Crack Fillers on the above list, it may be difficult for you to find the right one for your needs. This is why we listed the key features of each of these Asphalt Crack Fillers below:


Product Highlights:

  • Bonds asphalt to concrete joints. Easy self-leveling application!
  • PERFORMANCE: Able to fill cracks up to 1.5 in. wide. Self-leveling consistency. Fast skin time in less than 1 hour.
  • SUPPORTS: Excellent adhesion, bonds to asphalt and concrete.
  • DURABILITY: Resists aging and weathering. Permenantly elastic and high durability.
  • USES: Can be used on asphalt driveways, asphalt roadways, asphalt pavements, asphalt to concrete joints, aprons.

Product Highlights:

  • COLORED & TEXTURED LIKE ASPHALT: Provides an excellent color and texture match to asphalt surfaces
  • FORMS A WATERTIGHT SEAL: Use to fill cracks for a durable repair
  • STAYS FLEXIBLE: Resists cracking and is weatherproof
  • ADHERES TO DAMP SURFACES: Can be used in wet conditions
  • WATER CLEAN UP: Cleans up easily with soap and water

Product Highlights:

  • LONG-LASTING SEALANT – Fortified with plasticizers for added flexibility, Jetcoat Premium Elasto Asphalt Crack Filler is designed to enhance and repair asphalt pavement surfaces. This asphalt driveway filler is polymer-modified and emulsion-based for ultimate sealing power.
  • GREAT FOR MULTIPLE SURFACES – Use this extra strength driveway filler on all types of asphalt pavements and blacktop surfaces. Quickly fill in cracks, holes, gaps, and breaks with this dynamic and powerful sealant in parking lots, airports, athletic courts, driveways, traffic safety islands, playgrounds, and walkways.
  • READY TO USE – This sealant comes ready to fill and seal any blacktop surface. Simply stir the sealer to a uniform consistency and continue to stir throughout the application process. Dries black.
  • EASY APPLICATION – Shake well and use the included spout to pour product into the crack slightly above surface level. The material may settle, requiring a second application. Always allow 24 hours between applications. To prevent cracking or tracking, avoid heavy or uneven application.
  • LONG-LASTING REPAIR – Our polymer-modified asphalt emulsion-based crack sealant has resilient characteristics that allow for self-healing quality and lasting results. It has excellent low temperature durability, zero issues with high temperature tracking, and dries fast.

Product Highlights:

  • Fills cracks up to 1/2″ wide
  • Provides a tight, flexible seal in asphalt driveways
  • Resists water, weather and high temperatures

Product Highlights:

  • DIY – Fast & Easy To Apply – No Special Tools Needed
  • Formulated To Remain FLEXIBLE in HOT and COLD Weather
  • Fill Cracks up to ONE INCH WIDE
  • Seals Cracks To Prevent Further Damage

Product Highlights:

  • ✔️ EXTREME TEMPERATURES are no match for this joint sealant. It stays flexible and pliable in both high heat and low temperatures. It is waterproof and salt-resistant.
  • ✔️ CURES IN 30 MINUTES, unlike cheap hardware store alternatives. This commercial-grade sealant is traffic ready in just half an hour.
  • ✔️ RECOMMENDED FOR Airports, roads, parking lots, municipal streets, gaps in asphalt joints driveways, and other pavement surfaces. Dries quickly.
  • ✔️ 30 LB BOXES so you can handle them easily and melt the bricks of crack filler in a direct-fire or oil-jacketed melter. Melt to 380 – 400°F (193 – 204°C).

Product Highlights:

  • Professional 10 US GAL LQD grade rubberized crack filler Repairs 1000 – 1500 linear ft of crack. Crack fill formulated for extreme weather. Ships next biz day with Lifetime Warranty.
  • Thick agitation bar, never twists or bends during agitation. Agitation handle easily accessible, agitate as you go.
  • Ultra Fast heat-up time (~20 min) All Steel construction, 14 gauge double walled air jacketed insulation. High quality temperature gauge.
  • Dual torch option (front torch for easy surface preparation)
  • Steel wheels do not pick up material and do not leave a marks. Ball bearings in front and back wheels. Smooth rolling with less force required, reducing operator fatigue even on inclines.

Product Highlights:

  • Dap Blacktop Asphalt VOC-Compliant Filler & Sealer is an easy-to-use product for the repair of masonry and bituminous paving cracks or any other place where paving faults require a durable elastic seal
  • Repairs are ready for traffic 24 hours following application, when directions are properly followed
  • Provides a durable, watertight, elastic seal. Textured for a professional-looking finish
  • Ideal for filling cracks in driveways, highways, runways, parking lots, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds and other asphalt surfaces
  • Adheres to wood, masonry, fiberglass, metal and other asphalt surfaces

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Final Words

So, these are all of the Best Asphalt Crack Fillers available on the market. We hope this collection was helpful to find the right Asphalt Crack Filler for the money. However, we recommend checking out the features, benefits, and problems of each of these Asphalt Crack Fillers before taking your decision.