When it comes to buying Organic Cocoa Powder , you will find many brands selling the same product. And this will make you confused because you will not know which one of these products will meet your needs and desires.

After a lot of extensive research, we’ve put together a collection of the best Organic Cocoa Powder that are currently available on the market.

Best Organic Cocoa Powder

Best Organic Cocoa Powder Reviews

No. 1

Anthony’s Organic Cocoa Powder, 2 lb, Gluten Free & Non GMO

  • Organic Cocoa/Cacao Powder
  • Batch Tested and Verified Gluten Free
  • Full of Antioxidants and Magnesium – Fine milled Cacao
  • Unsweetened & Non-Alkalized – 10-12% Fat Content
  • Great for plant based, raw, gluten free, paleo, vegan, and organic recipes!

No. 2

Navitas Organics Cacao Powder, 8oz. Bag, 15 Servings — Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade, Gluten-Free

  • Navitas Organics Cacao Powder is made from single origin, Fairtrade certified, USDA organic cacao beans—grown and processed to benefit its farmers, our planet, and help your body thrive!
  • Deliciously rich, bold chocolate taste with no added sugar. Simply swap 1:1 for regular, unsweetened cocoa powder in smoothies, shakes, hot chocolate, brownies, keto and paleo treats and more!
  • Powerfully nutritious alternative to regular cocoa powder: provides 25% DV magnesium, 10% DV iron, 19% DV fiber and 195mg antioxidants (flavanols) per serving.
  • Navitas Organics Cacao Powder is grown in Sierra Leone, where we are proud to invest in cacao co-ops, farmer field schools, reforestation planning, and just labor practices.
  • USDA Organic, Fairtrade, Non-GMO, Kosher, vegan, gluten-free. Committed to accuracy and transparency, we third party test all products to verify quality and nutritional values,15 Servings.

No. 3

BetterBody Foods Organic Cacao Powder, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Superfood, Cocoa, 16 Ounce

  • LESS FAT and FEWER CALORIES: Chocolate is a staple in most households, but it can make people feel guilty because it is often associated with candy and sugary treats. Our Organic Cacao Powder provides you with a more nutritious alternative to regular chocolate. Our chocolate has the same great flavor as ordinary cocoa with the added benefits of organic cacao and less guilt.
  • BEST TASTING CACAO POWDER: Who doesn’t love indulging in a chocolate treat every once in a while? Our Organic Cacao Powder may seem like an unlikely contender when compared to the powdered cocoa you’re used to, but think again. It can be used as a substitute for ordinary chocolate powder in nearly any dish. It is the smart way to get your chocolate fix. 8% DV Magnesium and 6% DV Vitamin C
  • ORGANIC CHOCOLATE: Our Organic Cacao Powder (formerly LIVfit Superfood Organic Cacao Powder) can give you a boost of nutrients in each serving. This cacao powder is a great addition to any post-workout routine and can be used alongside the protein powder that you already use. This product comes in a 16 oz. bag and is USDA organic, non-GMO, and kosher certified. Oh, and it’s also gluten-free.
  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Nowadays, looking at food labels and nutrition facts can be confusing. To simplify your chocolate powder experience, we made Organic Cacao Powder with one simple all-natural ingredient: organic cacao from Peru. No more ingredients that you can’t pronounce. With our cacao powder, you know that you’re getting the real deal.
  • BLEND, BAKE, OR SHAKE: Kick cocoa to the curb and try cooking and baking with our Organic Cacao Powder. Mix into baked goods like bread, pancakes, waffles, cakes, and cookies to add a great chocolatey flavor. You can also blend it into breakfast smoothies and other tasty drinks. Great for men and women who are chocolate lovers. The possibilities are endless.

No. 4

NOW Foods Organic Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened-12 oz

  • Certified Organic
  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • Naturally Rich in Polyphenols

No. 5

Terrasoul Superfoods Raw Organic Cacao Powder, 2 Lbs (2 Pack) – Raw | Keto | Vegan

  • Terrasoul Superfoods Raw Organic Cacao Powder, 1 Lb Pouch Pack of Two
  • Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Earth Kosher, Raw, Keto, Gluten-Free, Vegan
  • The antioxidants in cacao offer cellular defense against the effects of free radicals, improving the look of skin and promoting cellular repair and rejuvenation.
  • Terrasoul Superfoods sources the freshest and highest quality superfoods from all over the planet. Our mission is to make these amazing, healthy foods available to you at the lowest prices possible while paying our growers and employees fair wages.
  • 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee – We stand behind our products and offer a 30-day money back guarantee, backed by an outstanding customer service team.

No. 6

Organic Cacao Powder, 2lb – Unsweetened Cacao Powder With Rich Dark Chocolate Flavor, Perfect for Baking & Smoothies, Non-GMO, Certified Vegan & Gluten-Free, 907 g

  • Naturally Rich Dark Chocolate Flavor – As soon as you open the bag, your senses are awakened with the aroma of rich, dark baking chocolate. Pure, natural chocolatey goodness with no added sugar, this smooth organic cacao powder makes a delicious base for hot cocoa bombs and hot cocoa mix.
  • Blends Easily In Smoothies & Hot Drinks – Gently milled into a fine, silky powder without clumps or grittiness, our unsweetened cocoa powder is an easy and delicious addition your morning smoothie, coffee, yogurt, oatmeal, cereal bars—you name it.
  • Perfect For Baking, Cooking & More – From brownies and cookies, to fudge and chocolate syrup, just swap our Organic Cacao Powder 1:1 for traditional cocoa powder for baking in all your favorite recipes. It’s perfect for health-conscious bakers looking for a more natural, and less processed alternative.
  • USDA Organic & Non-GMO – Forget fillers and additives. Our cacao powder is USDA-certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified, and contains just one ingredient: organic powder ground from the cacao beans of the Theobroma cacao tree.
  • Non-Alkalized, Vegan & Gluten Free – In addition to being clean and non-alkalized, our Cacao Powder Organic is also certified Gluten-Free, Keto, Kosher and Paleo. Perfect for all kinds of diets and lifestyles, it will become a kitchen staple in no time.

SaleNo. 7

Berrilys Cacao Powder, 16 oz, Non-alkalized, USDA Certified Organic, Natural Cocoa, Super Foods

  • INTENSE FLAVOR AND SMELL of Non-alkalized, Unprocessed, Cacao Powder, experience the real cacao powder
  • PACKED WITH NUTRITION, calcium, magnesium, protein, fiber, antioxidant flavonoids, flavanols, polyphenols, improving the beauty of skin especially for rejuvenation; great for overall health; complete all natural, nutritional supplement and energizer, this single origin raw cocoa powder contains no added sugars and nutrient-rich alternative to regular cocoa powder
  • UPLIFTS MOOD AND SUPPORTS IMMUNE SYSTEM – add cacao to your favorite cup of java for a quick breakfast and feel the immediate boost of energy. Transform ordinary smoothies and shakes into chocolate wonder with heavenly cacao.
  • CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC – Our Cacao Powder is Certified Organic according to USDA standards and processed according to highest GMP standards.

No. 8

NuNaturals Premium Organic Cocoa Dutch Process Powder for Baking, Non-GMO, Fair Trade, 1 LB

  • 1 Pound Resealable bag, 76 servings per bag
  • FAIR TRADE – Feel good knowing your purchase supports farmers get better prices, helping to improve lives, protect the environment, and make the world a sweeter place.
  • Healthier Choice – Make delicious low-calorie, low-carb drinks and foods. Used to bake cakes, cookies and pies.
  • High Quality – Our ORGANIC cocoa powder is dutch-processed and Non-GMO.
  • Easily Dissolves – No excessive stirring, heating, or crunching. Dissolves in hot/cold beverages or foods.

No. 9

Star Andino Heritage Organic Cacao Powder – 2.5 lbs. – All-Natural, Raw, USDA-Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Unsweetened Peruvian Chocolate – For Vegan, Keto, and Vegetarian Diets – 40 Ounces

  • AUTHENTIC PERUVIAN 100% NATURAL CACAO POWDER – The genuine flavors of Peru’s native cacao, locally sourced and harvested from the Amazon and delivered straight to your home.
  • MOUTHWATERING FLAVOR – 100% Organic – 100% Natural.
  • MAKES FOR DELIGHTFUL DESSERTS – Let your sweet tooth sing when you infuse your cookies and cake mix, protein shakes, hot chocolates, and homemade ice cream with our cocoa powder’s rich flavor.
  • HEART & BRAIN SUPPORT – Every spoonful of our cacao powder is rich in healthy flavanols. These compounds aid in blood circulation, memory, and lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • FREE-RADICAL DAMAGE PROTECTION – Through cold-pressed extraction, we preserved most of our cacao powder’s nutrients and antioxidants, which helps our bodies regenerate cells and recover from stress..Natural and Healthy Superfood..USDA Approved – GMO Free – Farm Grown – 100% Pesticide Free.

No. 10

Milliard Organic Cacao Powder / Non-GMO and Gluten Free (5 pound (pack of 1))

  • Natural Chocolaty Goodness – Milliard cacao is the way you can have your chocolate and eat it too! Organic Cacao powder is simply the non-processed, non-alkalized form of traditional cocoa – this retains all the natural health benefits of cocoa, skips the sugars and additives that processing adds, and retains its naturally rich chocolaty flavor.
  • World-Class Peruvian Chocolate – our cacao powder is imported from Peru – the largest source of the world’s cocoa! Our trusted FDA registered manufacturers have 2 decades of experience in all things chocolate and service many of the most important cocoa bean importers today – like Nestle and Starbucks.
  • Antioxidant Superfood*– did you know that organic cacao is one of the highest natural sources of antioxidants out there? In fact, organic cacao contains more antioxidants than blueberries, tea, wine, and even goji-berries! *
  • Additional Benefits – antioxidants is not the only reason to enjoy your cacao. Organic cacao has been shown to naturally elevate mood, boost energy, and support memory and focus. Milliard cacao is also naturally cholesterol free, unsweetened, and contains 1g of fiber for every tbsp. size serving!
  • Certified Good for You – when you purchase Milliard, you know you are getting quality you can trust. Milliard Cacao Powder comes from an FDA registered facility and is certified USDA organic, gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO.

Final Words

In today’s market where same type of products is available from almost every brand, finding the right Organic Cocoa Powder is a challenge. Every purchase requires research. Before you buy anything you need to answer the follow questions:

  • What are the features of the best Organic Cocoa Powder?
  • How to find the right Organic Cocoa Powder within your budget?
  • What is the average price of a good Organic Cocoa Powder?

Our data analysis platform helps you answer these questions using state of the art algorithm. We analyze thousands of reviews from real users to generate usability score for each brand. This usability score is unbiased and powered by people’s experience the product. Then we provide you with an unbiased list of 10 best affordable Organic Cocoa Powder to buy. Our goal is to make your decision making easy and shopping experience fun.