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Mission 🚀

To showcase 100 Wave applications on different aspects of Machine Learning for practitioners to teach and learn H2O Wave for beginners, intermediates as well as experts.

H2O Wave

H2O Wave is a product for building browser-based, realtime and interactive applications entirely using Python.

It empowers Data Scientists to quickly spin up beautiful dashboards as well as full-fledged web applications for demonstrating data science workflows.

Applications 🖥️

There are a total of 100 Wave applications broadly divided into 10 sets, each with 10 applications each. It is subject to periodic updates and change.

✅ Structured as templates & tutorials – Choose your style ✅ Suitable for beginners, intermediates & experts – Choose your level

Set 01 • Skeleton Apps

App Level Title Description
S01_A01 Beginner Hello Wave A simple example
S01_A02 Beginner Basic Template Building blocks to kickstart an app

Set 02 • Data Apps

Set 03 • Analysis Apps

Set 04 • Visualization Apps

Set 05 • Modeling Apps

Set 06 • Kaggle Apps

Set 07 • Industry Apps

Set 08 • H2O Apps

Set 09 • Doppelganger Apps

Set 10 • SOTA Apps

P.S. Every application can be run independently

Contribution 🛠️

Please create an Issue for any improvements, suggestions or errors in the content.

You can also tag @vopani on Twitter for any other queries or feedback.

Credits 🙏

H2O Wave

License 📋

This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.


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