In this work, we are focusing on reconstructing scenes from a single image. We make the use of IF-Net which focuses on shape completion from an incomplete 3D input. We explore the usage of IF-Net in the task of 3D reconstruction from images. We also explore its ability to work on complex scenes instead of simple shapes as was proposed in the paper. For more details, please check the full report of the project.


A linux system with cuda 9.0 is required.

Install the dependencies with conda using the 3d-recon_env.yml file :

conda env create -f 3d-recon_env.yml
conda activate 3d-recon

Clone the repository and navigate into it in the terminal.

Install libmesh needed libraries with:

cd data_processing/libmesh/
python build_ext --inplace
cd ../..


In this work, we used 3D-Front dataset.