Generate 3D Locomotion Data

This module is intended to create 2D video trajectories of 3D neuron structures, e.g. microscopy images of neuron activations inside a transparent body.



  • add base classes
  • add animation samples
  • add exporting as .npz files, e.g. projected 2d image time series and individual neuron traces
  • more realistic exporting, e.g. add noises/blurring to glow, observation and video quality
  • add segment rotation smoothing, e.g. interpolate rotation angles between neighboring segments
  • add realistic dynamics samples, e.g. accelerations that mimic real movements, glow spiking dynamics
  • use real life structural examples, e.g. code to generate real worm neuron positions and mimic worm movements
  • restructure base classes -> move positions/connections to segments rather than bones (or not!?)


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