A 16×16 clone of Minecraft Classic, written in Python with the Ursina Engine

Features:Trees, Water(But there’s no gravity, so if you break a block next to water, expect to see some floating water), Random Terrain Generation(with Perlin Noise), Inventory(With 4 items:Grass, Stone, Copper and Diamond) and Shaders(with the prefabricated lit_with_shadows_shader of Ursina)

Yet to be implemented: Infinite worlds, Caves, Multiplayer and Crafting(Perhaps in the very distant future?)

Required Modules: Ursina(pip install ursina) and perlin_noise(pip install perlin-noise)

Stone Texture from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvTkXfdV-oQRUYMM2R3p9zQ

The tree trunk, tree leaves, copper block and diamond block textures have been made by https://www.reddit.com/user/ShreyasGlad_Cry/


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