A 2d Covid Race Game is created using python and pygame library. Also user can control the PLAYER with gestures which is achieved through AI without any sensors. Click COVID RACE GAME to download the Game and Open script.exe in the folder

Run :runner:

To run the Game on your desktop clone the repository and run the below command.

Requires python-3 and pip installed.

pip install -r requirements.txt
python "COVID Race"


Game Instructions

Controls :game_die:

Key Action
Left arrow :arrow_left: Move Left
Right arrow :arrow_right: Move Right
Space ⏸️ Pause & Resume


Powerups :tropical_drink:

Object Effect
Strength 💪 (+1) PLAYER strength increases as he cross a virus 🦠.
Santizer 🧴 (Powerup). Causes the player to get into SAFE MODE for few seconds.
Police 👮 (Powerdown). Causes the player to drop down the strength if PLAYER touches it.


  • Hitting an Virus 🦠 unit will INSIANTLY KILL you.
  • DO NOT touch corners it will KILL you.
  • Hitting an police unit 👮 will decrease your strength.
  • Take health unit 🧴 to escape for next 4 virus units.

Notes on Gesture Control

  • First of all to download Gesture Conrol Application click here.

  • To start the application click on main.exe after downloading Gesture Conrol Application , two windows will be opened for you Deepgaze screen and Mask screen.

  • In order to run the service click anywhere on Mask window and press 'a' to start.

  • Now you can use the application with gestures you can see a green dot on the Deepgaze screen.

  • To stop the service click anywhere on the Deepgaze screen and press 'q' to stop.

  • Important Note : USE any object with RED color for gesture control. If you want another color replace 6 templates in "COVID RACE GAME - Gesture Controls" directory with your favorable one.


Asset Credits
Sprite sounds Effects from YouTube Audio Library.
Sprites Google images