A bhaptics integration mod into The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners

- This mod only supports ONLY the following game version: 2021.12.08 / build 218977-STAGE

This programm reads the memory of a different process which is often classified as suspicious behavior by Anti-Virus programms. This could lead to false-positive Anti-Virus alerts. Make sure to add the .exe to the exception list if Windows Defender or some other Anti-Virus don’t let you run it.

You don’t trust the .exe? Just run the python script and check the code by yourself.


Demonstration video on YouTube:

  • Gunshot haptics (one-handed or two handed) on arms and vest
  • Zombie attacks haptics dependent on the direction
  • Get shots
  • Low health heart beat
  • Low endurance lung contraction
  • Grabbing and placing backpack haptics
  • Grabbing and placing items on the right shoulder haptics
  • Eating-haptics
  • Healing haptics

Currently uses Tactosy for Arms, Hands and the Tactsuit (X40/X16)

How To Use (easy)

  • Download the release.
  • Start the bHaptics Player
  • Then just start twd_bhaptics.exe while the game is open or before you are opening the game. (The .exe and the folder tact_files have to be in the same directory!
  • Windows may complain due to an unkown developer, you have to allow the program to run.

How To Use (using a Python interpreter)

Don’t want to run a prebuild .exe? This is a python project so just clone the repo and run the with a Python3.9 interpreter instead of the binary. You need to install the following dependencys:

  • pip install websocket websocket-client

Known issues

This mod is more like what is often called a “Trainer”, so it reads certain memory addresses of the game. This leads to the following issues:

  • Unintended haptics while loading a level: values of the memory addresses are going crazy while loading.
  • If the player holds two guns in each of the hands, fast shots behind one another of the gun grabbed first are not recognised.
  • The mod can’t detect if the game was closed, you have to abort the script manually using STRG+C (or just close the window).

Will this mod be updated for upcoming updates of the game?

Probably not. It is very likely that the smallest update shifts the memory offsets, which means that the whole mod is not working anymore. Finding these offsets was the main workload creating this mod. Since it is OpenSource you are welcomed to search for broken offsets by yourself and therefore help me to fix it!

Since then you have to download the exact supported version using this Depot (only for the Steam version, I have no idea how to download older versions within the Rift software). While I’m writing this, the supported version is the newest. Make sure you don’t update.

Credits & Libs

Thanks to Florian Fahrenberger for his heavy testing and the haptic-patterns!

If you have any suggestions, feel free to open an Issue. Or contact me (McFredward) in the bHaptics Discord.


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