Pi Zero Bikecomputer

An open source bike computer based on Raspberry Pi Zero (W, WH) with GPS and ANT+. Including offline map and navigation.


Pi Zero Bikecomputer is a GPS and ANT+ bike computer based on Raspberry Pi Zero(W, WH). This is the first DIY project in the world integrated with necesarry hardwares and softwares for modern bike computer. It measures and records position(GPS), ANT+ sensor(speed/cadence/power) and I2C sensor(pressure/temperature/accelerometer, etc). It also displays these values, even maps and courses in real-time. In addition, it write out log into .fit format file.

In this project, Pi Zero Bikecomputer got basic functions needed for bike computers. Next target is to add new functions which existing products do not have!

You will enjoy both cycling and the maker movement with Pi Zero Bikecomputer!




  • Easy to make

    • Use modules available at famous Maker stores.
    • Assemble in Raspberry Pi ecosystems.
    • Install with basic commands such as apt-get install, pip and git command.
  • Customization

    • Need only modules you want to use. Pi Zero Bikecomputer detects your modules.
  • Easy to develop

    • Pi Zero Bikecomputer uses same libraries as for standard Linux.
    • So, you can run in cross platform environments such as Raspberry Pi OS, some Linux, macOS and Windows.
  • Good balance between battery life and performance


Some functions depend on your parts.


Specs Detail Note
Logging Yes See as below
Sensors Yes See as below
Positioning Yes A GPS module is required. See as below.
GUI Yes See as below
Wifi Yes Built-in wifi
Battery life(Reference) 18h with 3100mAh mobile battery(Garmin Charge Power Pack) and MIP Reflective color LCD.


Specs Detail Note
Stopwatch Yes Timer, Lap, Lap timer
Lap Yes [Total, Lap ave, Pre lap ave] x [HR, Speed, Cadence, Power]
Cumulative value Yes [Total, Lap, Pre lap] x [Distance, Works, Ascent, Descent]
Elapsed time Yes Elapsed time, average speed(=distance/elapsed time), gained time from average speed 15km/h(for brevet)
Auto stop Yes Automatic stop at speeds below 4km/h(configurable), or in the state of the acceleration sensor when calculating the speed by GPS alone
Recording insterval 1s Smart recording is not supported.
Resume Yes
Output .fit log file Yes
Upload to STRAVA Yes
Live sending Yes But I can't find a good dashboard service like as Garmin LiveTrack


USB dongle is required if using ANT+ sensors.

Specs Detail Note
ANT+ heartrate sensor Yes
ANT+ speed sensor Yes
ANT+ cadence sensor Yes
ANT+ speed&cadence sensor Yes
ANT+ powermeter Yes Calibration is not supported.
ANT+ LIGHT Yes Bontrager Flare RT only.
ANT+ Control Yes Garmin Edge Remote only.
Bluetooth sensors No
Barometric altimeter Yes An I2c sensor(pressure, temperature) is required.
Accelerometer Yes An I2c sensor is required.
Magnetometer Yes An I2c sensor is required.
Light sensor Yes An I2c sensor is required. For auto backlight and lighting.


Specs Detail Note
Map Yes Support map tile format like OSM. So, offline map is available with local caches.
Course on the map Yes A course file(.tcx) is required.
Course profile Yes A course file(.tcx) is required.
Cuesheet Yes Use course points included in course files.
Search Route Yes Google Directions API
  • Map with Toner Map
    • Very useful with 2 colors displays (black and white).
  • Map with custimized Mapbox
    • Use 8 colors suitable for MIP Reflective color LCD.
  • Course profile


Specs Detail Note
Basic page(values only) Yes
Graph Yes Altitude and performance(HR, PWR)
Customize data pages Yes With layout.yaml
ANT+ pairing Yes
Adjust wheel size Yes Set once, store values
Adjust altitude Yes Auto adjustments can be made only once, if on the course.
Language localization Yes Font and translation file of items are required.
No GUI option Yes headless mode
  • Performance graph
  • Language localization´╝łJapanese)

Experimental functions

ANT+ multiscan

it displays three of the people around you in the order in which you caught sensors using ANT+ continuous scanning mode.


Comparison with other bike computers

  • 200km ride with Garmin Edge 830 and Pizero Bikecomputer (strava activity)


Items Edge830 Pi Zero Bikecomputer
Distance 193.8 km 194.3 km
Work 3,896 kJ 3,929 kJ
Moving time 9:12 9:04
Total Ascent 2,496 m 2,569 m