Node Minimap

This is a Blender addon that generates a minimap of the current node tree, allowing for easy navigation and readability

Minimap demo


Download this repo as a zip, and install it as a normal Blender addon.


Minimap header

click the Minimap button in the header of the node editor, and then click “Show minimap”

Header contents

You can then play about with the values that control how the minimap is displayed.


  • Clicking and dragging on the minimap pans the view
  • Double-clicking the minimap centers the view to fit all nodes in the tree
  • Clicking on a single node will center on that node.

Header contents


  • If you have an absolutely massive node tree (800 nodes plus), the responsiveness of the viewport will slow down significantly. There are a few options to improve this, but it will still be a bit slow on very large trees. This isn’t something most people need to worry about though.


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