Twitter Telegram Forward

A Bot that Forwards Tweets to Telegram using Airtable as a Database.


  • Handles multiple twitter and telegram channels.
  • Custom delay for each entry.
  • Automatically embeds images and videos to telegram.
  • ReTweets can be enabled or disabled.
  • Sends telegram messages with silent notifications.


Airtable Database

  1. Create an (Airtable Account
  2. Create a new Workspace.
  3. Add a new base and import the “Twitter Telegram.csv” file. Or create from scratch using the template below:

        id(Single Line Text),Twitter(Single Line Text),Telegram(Single Line Text),Tweet-ID(Single Line Text),
  4. Get the Airtable ID:
    • pressing the “?” icon near “HELP” (Top Right).
    • Clicking on “API Documentation”.
    • Copy the ID in the middle of the page after the words “The ID of this base is “.
    • Add the ID to the DB_AIRTABLE_ID in the config file. Note: Omit the do at the end.
  5. Get your Airtable API Key:

Telegram Bot

  1. You can create a new bot via (@BotFather).
  2. Add the Bot token you got to the BOT_TOKEN in the config file.

Twitter API

  1. You will need an Application-only authentication token from Twitter (more info here). Optionally, you can provide a user access token and secret. You can get this by creating a Twitter App here.

Bear in mind that if you don’t have added a mobile phone to your Twitter account you’ll get this:

You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application. Please read for more information.

  1. Get a consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access token secret (the latter two are optional), fill in your

Running the Bot

  1. pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Run it! python (Check the Filling the Airtable Base section before.)

Filling the Airtable Base

  • Both Twitter and Telegram fields should start with @.
  • Private channels or normal user chats can also be used. You can get the ID using .
    • No need to start with a @ in this case.
  • The Tweet-ID field can be left empty. On the first run, the bot will fill it with the latest tweet ID.
  • RT Field need to be checked in order to forward Retweets.
  • Delay field is in seconds. If left empty, it will be set to 360 seconds.
  • After adding a new row in the airtable, the bot needs to be restarted. If a row is changed, the bot does NOT need to be restarted.


  • Create Heroku Auto Setup.
  • Setup Cron in order to keep bot running
  • Create Logic for Replies (Only forward user threads).


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