Most Subscribed YouTube Music Channels

This Python bot checks the most subscribed music artist channels on YouTube and makes a top chart.

How to see the charts

Web App

You see the charts on the web app in a nice Material UI.

The website can be "installed" as Web App on Android, iOS and Windows 10.

It has the benefits of the app and the advantages of the web: it takes zero space in memory but it can also work offline as a normal app would.


Using a console

Assuming that you have Python3 and pip installed on your machine:

  1. clone
  2. cd MostSubYTMusicChannels
  3. pip install rich
  4. ./


Add a new artist

You can request a new artist (channel) to track by:

  • Sending a direct message on Twitter
  • Opening a new issue on Github
  • Propose a change on the channels.csv file

Remember that only single music artist channels are approved and that it should have at least half subscribers of the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

As of January 2020, Justin Bieber is the first with 60 Million subscribers.
Only channels with at least 30 Million will be accepted.

How it works (for developers)

The script is the

Data is stored in channels.csv and it is updated every 5 ~ 30 minutes using GitHub Actions

Build your own

To build your own (maybe the Most subscribed YouTube Cooking channels?):
0. Clone this repository

  1. Get your API Keys from YouTube
  2. Paste them in the file or set them as environment variables
  3. Run to check for new updates on the subscribers of the channels listed in channels.csv