A bot to display per user data from the Twitch Leak by username

Where's the data?

I can't and don't want to supply the .csv's as they are

  • too big
  • potential blacklisting and punishment from Twitch

The only data supplied is a list of ID's in a .json for who was in the leak.

If you get the CSV's (via your own methods) you can use the script csv_setup to set them up to the correct config!


Import and shrink csv files:

  • This will import, rename and optionally shrink original gz files into a data folder.
  • Original Twitch-payouts folder must be at the root of the project.
  • Choose import and shrink or just import.
  • Shrinking will delete lines with no revenue, and significantly speed up the parsing process.
  • You can also shrink already imported files.
  • Once imported you can delete or move the original Twitch-payouts folder

Type in a terminal:

  • On linux or macOS:


  • On Windows:


Twitch API and discord bot IDs

You need two or three values

  • A discord bot token
  • A twitch client ID Register an app
  • A twitch client secret (only with Helix)

Set them in the file

Creating a Discord Bot

This article for detailled instructions (till step 4 included, when you invite the bot.)

The bot needs rights to read messages and see messages history and that's all.

Twitch Client App Registration Settings

Name: Can be anything

OAuth Redirect URLs: http://localhost/

Category: Other

Other Details: Can be anything

Twitch API: Helix or Kraken?

If you have registered your app from after July 2021 you are using helix

If you are using an app you registered before July 2021 you are using kraken /!\ Discontinued after February 2022 /!\

Final Setup

open and edit the following values

apichoice: either helix or kraken twitchid: the Twitch Client ID twitchsecret: the Twitch Client Secret (only with kraken) dtoken: the Discord Bot Token

Thank you alot to YoannDeb for Helix API testing and setup and the .csv cleaner script!

How to use the Discord Bot


tw!revenue [user] <option>
tw!check [user]
GitHub - SSSEAL-C/twitch-leak-bot-discord at
A bot to display per user data from the Twitch Leak - GitHub - SSSEAL-C/twitch-leak-bot-discord at