oVo MultiUpload

A Bot to Upload files to Many Cloud services. Powered by Telethon

🚩 Features

  • Working on Requests
  • Fast Telethon
  • Many Cloud Services such as Gofile.io, File.io
  • Heroku Deployment
  • Simple UI
  • Many More...

🚩 Deploy to Heroku

Click below button to deploy heroku and fill requred vars. Nothing else.

💫 Heroku Vars

  • APP_ID: Get it from my.telegram.org.
  • API_HASH: Get it from my.telegram.org.
  • BOT_TOKEN: Go to @BotFather and Create new bot. Insert that bot's bot token.
  • LOG_CHANNEL: A channel ID to log all user activities.
  • CHNAME: Channel username for fsub without @.
  • OWNRID: OwnerId for commands (may be in future).