A brief repository on logging monitoring and instrumentation in Python

Items for you to solve

Next Steps

  • Convert Daemon to click command-line tool and let --level be set via a flag.
  • Run Daemon to background with python daemon.py & # what happens?
  • Run Daemon to background with python daemon.py & the type fg # what happens? Can you kill it?
  • Run Daemon in screen and detach and reattach.
  • Can you use a Daemon library? Is this better?

Dashboard Next Steps

  • Send the output of the daemon to AWS: Cloudwatch, SNS, Kinesis, etc
  • Dashboard your daemon output by counting the occurrences
  • Log via an AWS Compute Unit: AWS Lambda, ECS or App Runner
  • Use someform of tracing and trace code: X-Ray/strace etc. What does strace do?


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