Project IBEX

A Celery application to collect data, download media and extract information from social media APIs.


You must have a Redis DB instance running (which is currently used as the Celery broker).

Also, another DB will probably be used as the Celery backend in the future (if we ever need backend, that is).

You must also have a MongoDB instance running as the application’s write layer.


  1. Run celery:
celery -A app.core.celery.worker worker -l info

Note, that Celery does not support Windows, so you should probably include


to avoid any unnecessary errors (for testing only).

  1. Run python server:

And make sure to include CROWDTANGLE_TOKEN and YOUTUBE_TOKEN as environment variables and set credentials into app/core/datasources/twitter/.twitter_keys.yaml file for the respective collectors to work properly.


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