Nextcord Bot Template

This repository is a template that everyone can use for the start of their discord bot.

This template created for fast set up your new discord bot and easy to scaling. It has common feature in standard
discord bot like embedded help menu.

This also compatible with any fork.


Firsts of all you need to have the python3 (created with 3.9). Then run pip install -r requirements.txt


Here is an explanation for .env:

Variable What it is
BOT_AUTHOR The bot author
BOT_DESC The bot description
BOT_INTENT The bot intents. either all or default. Default value is default
BOT_PREFIX The prefix you want to use for normal commands. Default value is “?”
BOT_TOKEN The token of your bot

Future Feature

  1. Pagination for help command
  2. Slash command. (waiting for nextcord support slash command)
  3. Update help commands for cogs and group
  4. Add some example for client event

Contributing The Project

This template not finish yet. There’s some feature that I like to add like pagination on help menu, You can always pull
request to this repo, if you report or fix a bug or if you add more commands to the template I’ll be happy implement


This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 – see the file for details


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