At present there is a CLI version (alienfx) and a gtk GUI version (alienfx-gtk). And has been tested on Debian/Ubuntu/Kali/Mint, Fedora and Arch Linux.


AlienFX is written in python and has been tested on python 3.9. It requires
the following python packages to run:

On Arch Linux:

      $ sudo pacman -S python-pyusb python-setuptools python-gobject python-cairo python-future

On other distributions you need to install pyusb and pkg_resources using pip:

  1. pkg_resources.
    You can install pkg_resources using the following command:

          $ pip install setuptools
  2. pyusb >= 1.0.0b1.
    Note that your distribution may only provide the pre-1.0 version of pyusb. If
    this is the case, you can install pyusb 1.0 using the
    following command:

          $ pip install --pre pyusb
  3. future.
    You can install future using the following command:

          $ pip install future

You can install all of these by running the command:

         $ pip install -r requirements.txt

And then install following packages using package manager:

On Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/Kali:

         $ sudo apt install libcairo2-dev python-gi python-gi-cairo

On Fedora:

         $ sudo dnf install cairo-devel python3-gobject cairo-gobject


On Arch Linux you can install package from AUR: alienfx

For manual installation of AlienFX, use the following commands:

    $ sudo python3 install
    $ sudo python3 install_data

Note that the second invocation is required to ensure that icon files etc. are
properly installed.

The installation includes a udev rules file that allows AlienFX to access the
AlienFX USB controller on your computer without needing root permissions. If
you run the install commands without sudo, then the udev rules file will not
be installed.


Lighting configurations are stored in "theme files", which are simple json
files stored in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/alienfx. If XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set, then
~/.config/alienfx is used. Both the CLI and GUI programs use these theme
files, and the GUI program allows you to create new themes as well.

See the man page of alienfx $ man alienfx for the cli options supported.

If you run the CLI-version of alienfx on a currently unsupported device, the program will ask you if you wish to perform a zonescan.
Please consider using this feature to determine the correct zone-codes for your device.