A cli tool , which shows you all the next possible words you can guess from the Game Wordle. This repo has the code discussed in the YouTube Video (if you want to watch me code it live / understand the code better )

How to use ?

  1. open terminal/cmd and type
git clone https://github.com/Sa-So/wordle-helper.git
  1. paste that link and press enter now you will see a folder (if you list using ls), cd into that
cd wordle-helper 
  1. now to run the code
python3 helper.py

Contribute to make it a wordle-solver instead of just a helper

  • Let the AI play it , train it to reduce the no. of tries it requires to get to the word
  • Rank the words on the basis of popularity in English ?
  • Remove previous words that have already been done
  • could we use regex here ?

want to play more than just one word a day ?

(Use it for testing my code & report if you find any errors)

  • source
  • (press RAW and then cmd/ctrl + A to select everything then copy)
  • run_at


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