Widgy: Tree Editor for Django

Widgy is a content editor somewhat in the line of CKEditor. It is not a WYSIWYG editor though. Widgy is more suited than CKEditor for editing pages, as in a CMS because it allows you to edit specific parts of the page and those parts know how to render themselves. Whereas a WYSIWYG stores its data in HTML, Widgy stores it in a Tree where each node can render itself.

Widgy is available under the Apache Version 2.0 license. Contribute on github.


Install with pip. ::

pip install django-widgy

When developing Widgy, it might be handy to clone the repository then install
it. ::

git clone git://github.com/fusionbox/django-widgy
cd django-widgy
pip install -e .

Running the Tests

    pip install -r requirements-test.txt
    make test

``make test`` will run both the JavaScript and Python tests. To test one
or the other, use ``make test-js`` or ``make test-py``.

$ tox

$ tox will run the full test suite across all of the supported versions of
Django and Python.


Once coverage_ is installed (pip install coverage), the Makefile
has two commands to help report on code coverage. ::

make coverage

will run the tests with coverage enabled and generate HTML coverage
files. ::

make browser

will run the tests and open the coverage report in your web browser.