A code gallery for person re-identification with mxnet-gluon, and I will reproduce many STOA algorithm.

Now, I only reproduce 5 papers, and train the model on marktet1501. I will add other datasets later.

I also will make further adjustments on these models. Before the end of August, all of these models and codes will be released.

1.Towards Good Practices on Building Effective CNN Baseline Model for Person Re-identification

result paper ours
rank1 91.7 93.1
mAP 78.8 80.3

2.In Defense of the Triplet Loss for Person Re-Identification(coming soon)

3.Beyond Part Models: Person Retrieval with Refined Part Pooling

pcb-1536 paper ours
rank1 92.4 93.1
mAP 77.3 78.2

4.Learning Discriminative Features with Multiple Granularity for Person Re-Identification

result paper ours
rank1 95.7 95.8
mAP 86.9 85.7

5.SphereReID: Deep Hypersphere Manifold Embedding for Person Re-Identification(coming soon)

result paper ours
rank1 94.4 93.5
mAP 83.6 81.3