A collection of discord tools i’ve made.

What’s in here?

Basically every discord related project i’ve worked on can be found here, i’ll try and update/upload new projects to this repository as much as i can.


Firstly, install discum by typing the following command into your console/terminal :

python -m pip install --user --upgrade git+https://github.com/Merubokkusu/Discord-S.C.U.M.git#egg=discum

If that doesn’t work, i recommend reading the discum installation guide here : https://github.com/Merubokkusu/Discord-S.C.U.M

Secondly install all the other requirements by inputting the following command into your console/terminal :

pip install -r requirements.txt

After that, you can basically use every tool, they’re pretty self explanatory. All you need is your discord authorization token.

How to get your discord authorization token



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