Interesting and reproducible research works should be conserved.
Unfortunately, too many model repositories provide different ways to use.
It is an obstacle for people who just want to use them right away, especially for those without luxury to (re)train big deep learning models.
This repository aims to wrap a collection of deep neural network models into a simple and consistent API.


pip install git+

It depends mainly on pytorch and torchvision.

Pretrained weights

Each model will download its own pretrained weight (once at the first time) at initialization.
I host them in my personal OneDrive storage.
Let me know if you have better options.

Available models


Simplify rough outline sketch.

from ezpznet.sketchgan import SketchGAN, load_image

image = load_image(image_path)
net = SketchGAN()
pred = net.predict(image)
plt.imshow(pred.squeeze(), cmap="gray")

(Art by Shinji)


  • PyTorch implementation is adopted from bobbens
  • Paper: Simo-Serra et al., Mastering Sketching: Adversarial Augmentation for Structured Prediction


Apply anime-ish effect to images.

from ezpznet.animegan import AnimeGAN, load_image

net = AnimeGAN(style="webtoon")
image = load_image(image_path)
pred = net.predict(image)

When style="webtoon":

When style="hayao":

There are 4 styles available: webtoon (default), shinkai, hayao, and paprika.


  • PyTorch implementation is adopted from bryandlee
  • Paper: Chen et al., AnimeGAN: A Novel Lightweight GAN for Photo Animation


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