Free MIDI Chords

This is a collaborative project to create a collection of all chords and useful chord progressions in all keys, as MIDI files, usable with your favorite DAW.

This collection is FREE and you can contribute to it using the issue tracker above. Please use the bug tracker if you find incorrect chords!

All the MIDI files are licensed under the MIT license, and you can them use in any musical project freely.


Just download and unzip one of the release file. Then drag and drop the MIDI files from your DAW to your tracks.

Drag drop chords ableton


The chords collection is organized using 3 levels of directories:

  • 1st level: All 12 Major and Minor keys
  • 2nd level:
    • 1/ Triads
    • 2/ 7ths and 9ths chords
    • 3/ All other chords
    • 4/ Chord progressions
  • 3rd level: Major and Minor scales

Below the progressions directory, you’ll find 3 more directories. They contain the same MIDI chord progressions files but with different timings: basic4 style, alt4 style and hiphop style.

How to contribute

To suggest new chords for the next chord pack:


The script uses chords2midi from Rich Jones, and Python Mingus.

  • chords2midi – Create MIDI files from numerical chord progressions.

The following software is also bundled with this chords pack:

Ludovic Drolez.