A collection of self-contained and well-documented issues for newcomers to start contributing with

How to setup the local development environment?

  1. Clone the repository by executing git clone https://github.com/t0xic0der/fedora-easyfix.git.
  2. Make the local repository your current working directory by executing cd fedora-easyfix/.
  3. Create a new virtual environment by executing virtualenv venv.
  4. Activate the newly created virtual environment by executing source venv/bin/activate.
  5. Install the module by executing python3 setup.py install.
  6. Fetch a personal access token from here and store it in a .env file inside the same directory.

    ” GITHUB_API_KEY = ”

    ” PAGURE_API_KEY = “” “>

  7. Run index-easyfix-issues being in the same directory to index the Easyfix relevant issues from a variety of Git forges.
  8. Run start-easyfix-server -p 9696 -4 to start the Easyfix server.

Detailed documentation would arrive shortly. Inconvenience is regretted.