Run pip install mvtk.

Windows users: Until Jaxlib is supported on windows natively you will need to either use this library from you Linux subsystem or within a Docker container. Alternatively, you can build jaxlib from source.


Run pip install -e "mvtk[doc]".

The [doc] is used to install dependencies for building documentation.


You can import:

  • mvtk.credibility for assessing credibility from sample size.
  • mvtk.interprenet for building interpretable neural nets.
  • mvtk.thresholding for adaptive thresholding.
  • mvtk.sobol for Sobol sensitivity analysis
  • mvtk.supervisor for divergence anlysis


You can run make -C docs html on a Mac or make.bat -C docs html on a PC to just rebuild the docs. In this case, point your browser to docs/_build/html/index.html to view the homepage. If your browser was already pointing to documentation that you changed, you can refresh the page to see the changes.


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