Linux Helper

A collection of utilities for non-technical Linux users accessible via a GUI

This app is still in very early development, expect bugs and a lack of features if you try to use it at this point.

Please open PRs/Issues with any feature suggestions or issues.


This project aims to provide a range of different tools to the user to take the pain out of managing their Linux machine. Everything should be simplified greatly when compared to using a terminal or trying to figure the processes out by yourself.

Any utility followed by ⚙️ will require root (admin) privelleges.


Clear Cache ⚙️

This is a simple utility that clears some cache and frees up some RAM.

System Information

Collects and shows a few basic stats regarding your system.

Update ⚙️

Check for, download and install any updates avaliable through your system’s package manager.

More coming soon!


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