Counterfit is a command-line tool and generic automation layer for assessing the security of machine learning systems.

Getting Started

Choose one of these methods to get started quickly:

For more information including alternative installation instructions, please visit our wiki.

Option 1: Deploy via Azure Shell

To run Counterfit from your browser

  1. Click the button below to initiate small resource deployment to your Azure account.

Deploy to Azure

  1. In the configuration blade, specify your subscription and resource group.
  2. In your Azure Shell, type the following, replacing RESOURCE_GROUP with the name of the resource group selected in the previous step.
az container exec --resource-group RESOURCE_GROUP --name counterfit --exec-command '/bin/bash'
  1. Within the container, launch Counterfit.

Option 2: Setup an Anaconda Python environment and install locally

  1. Install Anaconda Python and git.
  2. Clone this repository.
git clone
  1. Open an Anaconda shell and create a virtual environment and dependencies.
cd counterfit
conda create --yes -n counterfit python=3.7
conda activate counterfit
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Launch Counterfit.