A command line tool to hide and reveal information inside images (works for both PNGs and JPGs)


  • Python 3

Most of the Linux and MacOS systems comes pre-installed with Python, unfortunately this is not true for Windows. But, it can be downloaded manually from (Python)


Run pip install imgrerite in the terminal


  • On Windows

Use py -m

  • On Linux/MacOS

Use python3 -m


But where does my resulting images get stored?

In your system’s home directory, there would be a new folder now, named Imgrerite, all the images are saved there. By reverse revealing those images, you’ll see the text you hid

And what are the limitations to this tool?

You can only enter texts for now and that too without a new line, I know it sucks!
I’ll improve this in the future, so that a whole text file can be hidden inside an image rather than manually typing the text

And well, let me tell you a secret, this does not really hide stuff, I mean anyone can use this tool to read those hidden texts, right?
I’m planning to next implement a mechanism that solves this

Okay, but why? WHY?

I was bored

I need help in installation? / Provide Feedback / Meh! Just wanna say ‘Hi!’

Drop me a mail at: [email protected] or if you’re a Discord person: (Imgrerite – Discord)


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