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wxc (pronounced “which”) allows you to inspect source code in your Python environment from the command line. It is based on the inspect module from the standard library.


$ python3 -m pip install wxc


Get the version number of a package in your current environment

Locate the file from which a Python package is imported

Locate a specific method’s source code

View the source code of function directly from the terminal stdout

wxc tries to be helpful when you mistype

For more, run

$ wxc --help

Known limitations

wxc is not currently able to retrieve the source of compiled code binded into Python. It should however correctly point to the compiled file that an object is imported from.

wxc should never be installed in isolation (for instance via ) since it would completely defeat its purpose.


  • wxc is tested on macOS, Linux, and partially on Windows, from Python 3.7 to 3.10
  • this project was formerly named “whych” and renamed to avoid confusion with the pypi-available package of the same name.


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