img-proof (IPA) provides a command line utility to test images in the Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCE, etc.).

With img-proof you can now test custom images in a cloud framework agnostic way with one tool and one API. In the first release, img-proof supports the openSUSE and SLES distributions. It also supports the three largest cloud frameworks (AWS, Azure and GCE). However, it is intended to be distribution agnostic and framework transparent so both are easily extensible.

For each distribution there are specific synchronization points that must be provided. These currently include soft reboot and system update. The synch points not only test functionality but also act as dividers to separate distinct sections of a test suite. For example you can run a test to ensure the proper repos exist before and after a system update. The system update synch point will guarantee the order of tests. Speaking of tests, if you're already familiar with Pytest conventions there's no need to learn a whole new unit testing framework. img-proof is written in Python and leverages the Pytest framework through Testinfra.


To install the package use the following commands as root:

$ zypper ar<distribution>
$ zypper refresh
$ zypper in python3-img-proof


  • boto3
  • apache-libcloud
  • azure-common
  • azure-mgmt-compute
  • azure-mgmt-network
  • azure-mgmt-resource
  • Click
  • paramiko
  • pytest
  • PyYaml
  • testinfra
  • oci



img-proof uses the Testinfra package for writing unit tests. Testinfra leverages Pytest and provides modules such as Package, Process and Service to test the state of images. See the Testinfra Docs for more information on writing infrastructure tests.

img-proof currently passes the Pytest option -x (stop on first failure) through as --early-exit. If there's an interest or need for any other options/args please submit an issue to Github.

CLI Overview

The CLI provides multiple subcommands to initiate image testing:

  • img-proof test

    Test image in the given framework using the supplied test files.

  • img-proof results

    Invokes the default show subcommand img-proof results show 1.

  • img-proof results clear

    Clear the results from the history file.

  • img-proof results delete

    Delete the specified history item from the history log.

  • img-proof results list`

    Display list of results history.

  • img-proof results show

    Display the results or log file for a history item.

  • img-proof list

    Print a list of test files or test cases.