Business Problem

A commany has recently introduced a new type of bidding, the average bidding, as an alternative to the bid given to the current maximum bidding.
One of our clients,, decided to test this new feature and would like to do an A/B test to see if average bidding converts more than maximum bidding.

  • Maximum Bidding (Control Group)
  • Average Bidding (Test Group)

Dataset Description

This dataset, which contains the website information of, there is information such as the number of advertisements that users see and click, as well as earnings information from here. There are two separate data sets, the control and test groups.


  • Impression – Ad views
  • Click – (Indicates the number of clicks on the displayed ad.)
  • Purchase – (Indicates the number of products purchased after the ads clicked.)
  • Earning – (Earnings after purchased products)

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