Reto is a community-oriented Discord bot, featuring a karma system, a way to reward the best comments, leaderboards, and so much more! React to a post with the plus or minus emojis to give said user some points for their content. Curators can even star (react with the exclusive 10 emoji) posts to give them extra points, and add their comment to a special "Best Of" channel for all to admire!


The bot's default prefix is "?".

  • Look at your own (or others') karma by checking your ?profile.
  • Duke it out and see who has the most points on the ?leaderboard. ?globalleaderboard
  • Or maybe check the best-rated comments on the ?postleaderboard! ?globalpostleaderboard
  • Change how the reaction emojis look with ?emoji edit.
  • Set up Reddit-like automatic reactions in any channel using ?autovote.
  • These are just the main ones - check out the entire command list with ?help!