Project description


BoneIO is a compact IO controller for home automation. Main features of this controller are

  • Compact size (27x11x6)cm – 15 DIN modules
  • DIN rail compatibility
  • Low price
  • Open HSP (See below)

Technical details of v0.2


  • 52 digital inputs
  • 7 analog to digital converters
  • i2c
  • rs485
  • OLED display
  • user switch
  • 24V PSU input
  • ADC VDD output
  • 12-48V external PSU for digital inputs
  • jumper to switch between internal and external PSU for inputs
  • jumper to switch between vcc and gnd input control


  • 24 relays (230V/16A) max current 5A* (10A* tinned traces, 16A* bridged 1,5 mm²) *everything needs to be verified
  • temp sensor


  • 32 relays (230V/5A)
  • temp sensor

Open HSP

BoneIO is an Open HSP initiative where everything is open on GPL-3.0 License

  • H (Hardware) stands for projects of electronic boards which you can print yourself
  • S (Software) stands for ready to use firmware you can use on printed hardware
  • P (Printables) stands for cases and other plastic elements you can print on a 3D printer and use with our hardware

With all elements in place, you can assemble a complete device. You can use it as-is or fork and modify it for your needs.


If you want to contribute to the project here are the rules:

  1. First watch this short training: How to use repo
  2. When you have something to discuss first check out our Team chat
  3. When you have a specific problem/feature to report add new issue. Remember to report single topic in one issue. If you have complex topic try split it to more precise topics.
  4. When you want change something in the repository use your Fork and make new Pull Request (See Working with repository (Polish))
  5. You can also monitor our Facebook group


Photos of v0.1






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