Machine Learning Portal


A complete end-to-end machine learning portal that covers processes starting from model training to model predicting results using FastAPI.


Main Menu

  • Dataset: Set default dataset from the list that will be used for training and building the models.
  • Train: Start the training process
  • Prediction: Upload test dataset to get predictions.

Save sample test data (sample_test.csv for testing the prediction module.

Logger Menu

  • Data Preprocessing: Logs generated during preprocessing process.
  • Training: Logs generated during training process.
  • Prediction: Logs generated during prediction process.


  • Import/upload dataset
  • Preprocessing
    • Categorical features cleaning
    • Handling missing value (categorical)
    • Handling missing value (numeric)
    • Encoding cateogrical feature
    • Over sampling
    • Clustering
    • Train-Test split
    • Model selection
      • Hyper parameter tuning
    • Saving best model
    • Download prediction results

Process Design


Live Project


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