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Golem is a test framework and a complete tool for browser automation. Tests can be written with code in Python, codeless using the web IDE, or both.

Tests can be written with the web app

But, they are still Python code

Batteries Included

Golem is still in beta!. Read the changelog before upgrading.

Screen Captures

Report Dashboard

Execution Report

Test Execution Detail


Golem works with Python 3.5+

pip install golem-framework

Read the full installation guide here: https://golem-framework.readthedocs.io/en/latest/installation.html

Quick Start

Create a test directory anywhere in your machine

golem-admin createdirectory <test_directory>

Download the latest webdriver executables

cd <test_directory>
webdriver-manager update

Webdriver executables are downloaded to the drivers folder. For more information check this page of the documentation.

Start the Web Module

golem gui

The Web Module can be accessed at http://localhost:5000/

By default, the following user is available: username: admin / password: admin

Run a Test From Console

golem run <project> <test>
golem run <project> <suite>


  • -b | –browsers: a list of browsers, by default use defined in settings.json or Chrome
  • -p | –processes: run in parallel, default 1 (not parallel)
  • -e | –environments: a list of environments, the default is none
  • -t | –tags: filter tests by tags




If you have any question please use the Gitter channel.


If you found a bug or want to contribute code please read the contributing guide.




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