Welcome to my Wordle Solver! Quickly guess the wordle of the day between three to five attemtps!

About Wordle

Wordle is a word game reminiscent of mastermind. The player tries to guess a five letter word within six attempts. After each attempt, hints are given. Green tiles show that the letter is in the right position. Yellow tiles indicate that the letter is in the word but in the wrong spot. Grey tiles show that the letter is not in the world. Words a 5 lettered and only a maximum of six attempts are allowed.
Wordle Interface

Installing Dependencies

Use the package manager pip to install required dependicies found in requirements.txt.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Launching Instructions

  1. Open a console
  2. Create a vitual enviroment
  3. Install the dependiences
  4. Run the following command python3 in the console
  5. Follow the instructions
  6. Enjoy!

Operating the Solver

  1. Open Wordle and Run side by side.
  2. A sequence of 15 words should appear in the console. These are the words that have the highest commonality value ranging from 0 to 1. The higher the value, the higher the chance it is to have a letter in the daily wordle.
  3. Choose a word from the list and enter it into the Wordle Puzzle.
  4. Enter the cooresponding output. G or 1 for green tiles, Y or 2 for yellow tiles, and ? or 3 for grey tiles. Hit Enter.
  5. Another sequence of words sorted by their commonality values will appear. Choose one and repeat steps 3 and 4 until the Wordle is correctly guessed.


There are options available to customize the solver

  • The word list can be changed by altering the words.txt file in the data folder. However, its name and path must be data/words.txt
  • The length of word can be changed depending on the the size of the board. The default is set to 5. This can be changed by altering the word_len variable in the file. Note that the words in the words.txt only inlcude five letter words, which are standard to wordle
  • The number of attempts can also be altered by changing the max_attempt variable in
  • The set of legal characters can also be altered by changing the legal_char variable in


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Development References