PyPackage Cookiecutter

This repository is a cookiecutter to quickly start a Python package. It contains a ton of very useful features

  • Package management through Poetry
  • Multiple linters (black, flake8, isort, pylint)
  • Optional type checking using MyPy
  • Configured tests using PyTest
  • Automagic deployment to PyPi on merges to the stable branch
  • Fully configured GitHub Actions workflows to lint and test the code on each Pull Request
  • Optional CLI template to get you started quickly

The only requirements for this cookiecutter to work are:

  • Python
  • Cookiecutter

It is also recommended that you have the following software installed and on your PATH:

  • Poetry
  • Git

Otherwise, some of the creation steps might fail, and you would have to run them manually.


To use this cookiecutter, make sure to have cookiecutter installed, or install it with the following command:

pip3 install -U cookiecutter

Then, simply execute:

python3 -m cookiecutter gh:daleal/cookiecutter-pypackage

This will prompt you with some options for the generated project, then create a virtualenv for your project’s dependencies, install them on the virtualenv and initialize a git repository.

After creating the package, you should follow a couple of steps to make sure everything works automagically. Head over to the generated file to read about the next steps and a more in-depth explanation of the generated project’s features.


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