Liquid Rocket Engine Cooling Simulation


The implemented class calls NASA CEA via RocketCEA.


In progress install instructions for rocketcea on WSL (Ubuntu) on Windows

  • Setup WSL

    • download and install Ubuntu
  • Setup visual output on WSL

    • download and install xming
    • Do the following in Ubuntu terminal
      • nano ~/.bashrc
      • # add the following line to the end of that file
      • export DISPLAY=:0
      • # to exit Ctrl-X, and save file
  • Setup miniconda as a python 3.x distro and a package manager

    • Do the following in Ubuntu terminal
      • sudo apt install wget
      • cd
      • wget
      • install from command line
    • make sure to know how to open “base” conda virtual environment
    • conda activate base
  • Setup dependencies

    • sudo pip install numpy
    • sudo pip install matplotlib
    • sudo apt install gfortran
    • sudo pip install rocketcea
  • Test installation

    • Do the following in Ubuntu terminal
      • python -c "from rocketcea.cea_obj import CEA_Obj; C=CEA_Obj(oxName='LOX', fuelName='LH2'); print(C.get_Isp())"
    • Expected ouput
      • 374.30361765576265


  • you can access all your windows files by doing:

    • cd /mnt/c/
  • If the above does not work then try the following

    • you can use a symbolic link, for info about this look at point “5. Create a link from your WSL to your C drive” in the following link


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