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Viet Nam – Automatic Covid Crawler

A crawler tool to crawl data from Covid Viet Nam to google sheets automatically.


  1. Python – 3.9 or newer
  2. Pipenv
  3. Google Drive API
  4. Google Sheets
  5. Azure Virtual Machine
  6. Tableau
  7. Crontab

Getting Started:

2 – Pipenv Setup:

Use $ pip install pipenv to install pipenv. Then move to project folder $ cd project_folder_path. With pipfile in your project’s file, install all dependencies $ pipenv install.

3 – Google Drive API Setup:

  • Go to Google Cloud Platform, create new project.
  • Go to API & Services -> Enable Apis & services. Enable “Google Drive API” and “Google Sheets API”.
  • Click on IAM & Admin, go to services account, create a new services account.
  • Go to created services account -> key -> ADD KEY -> Create new key -> Json type. NOTE: keep this json’s key file to connect with google sheets.

4 – Google Sheets Setup:

  • Create new sheet, name it “csv-to-gg-sheet”.
  • Add 1 sheet name “covid_cases” to store covid case every day, 1 sheet name “covid_death” to store covid death case every day. *Note: when change sheets name we need to change it name in source code too.
  • Publish both sheets to web with csv type, save the share link to use in script.

5 – Azure Virtual Machine:

  • Create new Virtual Machine, save it’s ssh_key.pem.
  • Connect with Virtual Machine throgh ssh protocol, install python.
  • Push source code, pipfile, ssh_key.pem file, json’s key file to remote machine.
  • Install pipenv.

6 – Tableau Setup:

  • Download Tableau, use google sheet as data source, make your visualization.
  • Publish Tableau visualization to the tableau public server, it automatic update when your google sheet data change.

7 – Crontab Setup:

  • Set cronjob to run source code at every time you wish.


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