CaterApp is a cross platform, remotely data sharing tool created for sharing files in a quick and secured manner. It is aimed to integrate this tool with several more features including providing a User Interface.

A Quick & Secured Data Sharing Application!

? What's so exciting ?

CaterApp comes with a range of fantastic features for you:

  1. Share any type of file, including large videos and compressed documents.
  2. You can choose as much files as you want.
  3. Keeps you updated with the file, i.e. being shared in real time.
  4. Also, it displays the size of files (in bytes).
  5. Automatically detects sender's IP.
  6. Tells the speed at which the data got delivered and a lot more...

? Installation

This is a python application that relies on its cater module.

❓ Requirements

  1. A device with any operating system having bash / zsh terminal or python shell(preferred Linux)
  2. Python 3.2 or higher version
  3. pip (latest recommended)

➡ Steps to Install

Installation can be done through CLI in just a few of the simple steps:

  1. Either clone this repository or simply download the CaterApp-v1.1 here (tar, zip)
  2. Extract the compressed file (if you have cloned/downloaded) and navigate into CaterApp directory
  3. Execute the to install the application through following terminal command:
$ ./

After successful installation, you should see something like this:


? Usage

Once you have installed the application on your system, you can simply access CaterApp tool with a single command as follows:

$ cater-app

As an alternative, you can also follow the following:

$ cd ~/CaterApp/caterapp
$ python


  1. Keep the file(s) in current working directory, that you want to sahre.
  2. All your received files will appear in received/ directory at the current location.
  3. To know your current location before sharing / receiving the files, run:
$ pwd

To use the app without installation, please refer to this link.