This Gateio x Binance cryptocurrency trading bot scans the Binance Announcements page and picks up on new coin listings.
It then goes to Gateio and places a buy order on the coin that’s due to be listed on Binance.
It comes with trailing stop loss, take profit and a test mode.

The idea behind this open source crypto trading algorithm to take advantage of the price spike of new coins as they are being announced for listing on Binance.
As Gateio seems to list many of these coins before Binance does, this exchange is a good place to start.
It comes with a live and test mode so naturally, use at your own risk.


For a step-by-step guide on how to set it up and configure please see the guide here: Binance new coin trading bot guide


The new coins crypto trading bot explained in more detail.
See the video linked below for an explanation and rationale behind the bot.

binance new coin listings bot


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