Cryptographied Password Manager

This is a Cryptographied Password Manager, a tool for storing Passwords in a Secure way without using external Services.
It Relays on Sqlite3 Standard Python Library and the Cryptography Module.
It stores Passwords in a Local Database in a Crypted Way. It uses Asymmetric Encryption to encrypt, with a Public Key, any given Password and store it in the Database.
Then, if you want to visualize it, you can run the Commands and the Program will decrypt the Password, with a Private Key, and display it in a Decrypted way.

Set Up

Download the ZIP Folder, or Clone the Repository with:

git clone

Then install the dependencies in a virtualenv, you can create one via python -m venv <name of the virtualenv>, with:

pip install -r requirments.txt

Now, you need to remove the “”” from the file and run it ONLY ONE TIME. This file will populate the public_key.pem and private_key.pem files with a personalized text. Those are your Public and Private Key. Now, reput the “”” to prevent you to run this file a second time. Close the file and open the public_key.pem and private_key.pem files and look at them.

The public_key.pem can be public so you don’t have to keep it secret. The private_key.pem mustn’t be public. DON’T MAKE IT PUBLIC because this is the only way you have to decrypt YOUR passwords. Is the only way to reverse the process.

In fact, if you try to access the database in other ways, you can clearly see that the passwords are stored in an encrypted way.


Now close the files and finally open the file. There you can ersonalize the MAster Password to access the database through this file.

MASTER_PWD = "Your Password"

Start the Program

Now you have only to start the program and you will have a nice command line interface to store, update and delete your personal passwords. You can also search your passwords and list them by varius Options. Follow the Commands’ Instructions and you won’t have any problem. Happy Encryption!


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