Cheat for cs:go written in Python.


  • Glow Esp
  • No Flash
  • Bunny Hop
  • Third Person


It is prefered to start the cheat when you are in a match.

1. pip3 install .
2. Do python3 (via the terminal in the src Folder)


  • This project was made for educational purposes only! I take no responsibility for anything you do with this program.

  • If you have any suggestions, problems, open a problem (if it is an error, you must be sure to look if you can solve it with Google!)

  • If the cheat does not report any error but does not work. Restart it.

  • If you have any question add me discord ➔ ~/sophia.#7587

Support me.

  • Thanks for looking at this repository, if you like to press the

  • Made by Sofia.

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