A Curated Collection of Awesome Python Scripts that will make you go wow. This repository will help you in getting those green squares. Hop in and enjoy the journey of open source. ?

The main aim is to provide an efficient and beginner-friendly project that would help you in mastering Python and make you familiar with it. Turn yourself into a pro with all the hands-on that got you covered.

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Anyone related to technology who is looking to contribute to open-source is all invited to hop in. This place has a task for everyone.

| BasicPythonScripts | WebScrapingScripts | APIScripts | GUIScripts | AutomationScripts | PyGamesScripts | ImageProcessingScripts | EthicalHackingScripts |

BasicPythonScripts - This repository would have basic python scripts which are useful to get started with programming before you dive into real time projects.

WebScrapingScripts - This repository would have webscraping scripts which is a data scraping technique used for extracting data from websites.

APIScripts - This repository would have application programming interfacing (API) scripts which would help in performing operations programmatically and deploy projects as apps.

GUIScripts - This repository would have all graphical user interface (GUI) scripts which would create an interface and performs the operations visually unlike command line.

AutomationScripts - This repository would contain automation scripts that would automate your tasks efficiently and helps you in saving a lot of time.

PyGamesScripts - This repository would have all the wide range of games scripts that can programmed and developed using python.

ImageProcessingScripts - This repository would indulge with all image processing scripts that would help in beautifying and transforming the images.

EthicalHackingScripts - This repository would include all the python based scripts which can be used as Ethical Hacking Tools.

When raising an issue, do make sure to mention the kind of script, project title, short description of the project and how would you expect it to work. As a good practice, always link the issue number with pull request. (#issue number : Give this details when you raise a PR).

If you worked on or want to initiate a unique project and share it with the world, you can do that here. Go through the contributing guidelines in CONTRIBUTING?‍?

Subsequently, also go through the GitHub documentation on creating a pull request.


  • Python IDE : Install it by using this link
  • If you are new to python programming and want to have a fair knowledge before you start working on it, you can learn it in a simplified way through this repository.
  • To make you familiarize with how programming works in python with proper structuring and algorithms, here I present a project created specifically for contributors who wants to explore and practice their concepts.

?Templates to Follow

Note : One should follow these templates while creating a new issue or pull request.

?Project Structure

Your projects should contain this flow to maintain similarity across all other projects. Make sure to note these things, before you create a PR.

Create a folder of your project title. (Example : If you want to add a game of tic tac toe, then project name should be "Tic Tac Toe" and file name as "")

The project repository you had created would have : - This python file is the project you have worked upon. - This file is must included to get good understanding of the project (Elaborate it briefly about how it works using README template).

requirements.txt - In this file, you should add all the libraries you had included in your project

Images - This folder would have all images added, be it screenshots or step by step process images.

Related files - The other additional and related files would be added up in "Related" folder.

⚙️ Things to Note

  • Make sure you do not copy codes from external sources because that work will not be considered. Plagiarism is strictly not allowed.
  • You can only work on issues that have been assigned to you.
  • If you want to contribute the script, it's preferable that you create a new issue before making a PR and link your PR to that issue.
  • If you have modified/added code, make sure the code compiles before submitting.
  • Strictly use snake_case (underscore_separated) in your file_name and push it in the correct folder.
  • Add Screenshots to help us know what this Script is all about.
  • Do not update the

?‍? Workflow:

Fork the repository

Clone your forked repository using terminal or gitbash.

Make changes to the cloned repository

Add, Commit and Push

Then in GitHub, in your cloned repository, find the option to make a pull request.

print("Start contributing for Awesome_Python_Scripts")


GitHub - prathimacode-hub/Awesome_Python_Scripts: ? Curated collection of Awesome Python Scripts which will make you go wow. Dive into this world of 360+ scripts. Feel free to contribute. Show your support by ✨this repository.
? Curated collection of Awesome Python Scripts which will make you go wow. Dive into this world of 360+ scripts. Feel free to contribute. Show your support by ✨this repository. - GitHub - prathimac...