Rom Poster Bot

A simple Post Bot written in Python using pyTelegramBotAPI to post rom updates to telegram whenever you need. Made by lazy peep for lazy peeps.

How to use

1. Filling up config

Fork the repo and make a file named config.env by using sample_config.env and fill up all the vars

Main Configs

  • BRAND: Device brand name
  • DEVICE_NAME: Device name
  • CODENAME: Device codename
  • MAINTAINER_USERNAME: Telegram username without @
  • SUPPORT_GROUP: Telegram group username without @

Rom Configs

  • ROM_NAME: Rom name
  • ROM_VERSION: Rom version
  • ANDROID_VERSION: Rom android version
  • SOURCE_CHANGELOG_URL: URL of rom source changelog
  • BANNER_URL: Telegraph URL of your rom banner/photo
  • BUILD_DATE: Rom build date
  • BUILD_TYPE: Rom build type (Official/Unofficial)
  • XDA_POST: XDA post URL of rom
  • DOWNLOAD_URL: Download URL of rom
  • MD5: MD5 checksum of rom
  • HASHTAGS: Hashtags for rom post

Optional Configs

  • STICKER_ID: Telegram sticker ID (If added, the bot first sends sticker then the rom post)
  • CUSTOM_MESSAGE: Custom message to add at the end of rom post

2. Adding secrets

After filling up config go to your repo settings > secrets > new repository secret, then you need to add two secrets

  • BOT_TOKEN: Telegram bot token
  • CHAT_ID: Telegram group/channel chat ID where the rom needs to be posted
    Note: Bot should be added in the group/channel where the rom needs to be posted

3. Adding changelog and notes

After filling up repository secrets the add the following things

  • Device side changelog in changelog.txt file
  • Notes for the rom users in notes.txt file

4. Running the bot

After adding changelog and notes the last thing that remains is to run the bot.
We use Github Actions to run the bot

  • Actions will automatically run after modifying changelog.txt and the rom will be posted
  • You can also run the bot but going to actions > Rom Poster Bot Runner > workflow-dispatch and tap on run
    Note: After posting the bot pins the message too


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