Stock Market Insights –

Stock Market Insights is a Dashboard that gives the 360 degree view of the particular company stock.It extracts specific data from multiple sources like Social Media (Twitter,Reddit ,StockTwits) , News Articles and applies NLP techniques to get sentiments and insights.

— help the Investors to get a complete view of company stock before investing , — help the Organization to monitor the sentiments, understand the cause for the negative sentiments , Identify risks and take necessary actions.

  • SMI extracts user’s sentiments,key themes,Named entities(Persons,Organizations,Products),Semantic Seach using NLP for mentioned time period from different platforms like Twitter,Reddit and StockTwits in one dashboard.

  • Extracts Data from 20+ sources 1.Social Media sources like Twitter ,Reddit and Stocktwits(platform where actual investors and traders tweet in real time about the stocks)
  1. Stock Related Ticker Specific News Articles from Bloomberg ,Reuters,MarketWatch,CNBC,New York Times,CNN…etc.

3.Blogs(Seeking Alpha ,Trader ,Feed Zero ,Hedge ,Calculated Risk etc)



AutoNLP insights[ ] – which helps to visualize NLP insights with one line of code.

NlpInsightsdashapp [] – Dashboard that helps to get NLP Insights from URL.