Orange is a data mining and visualization toolbox for novice and expert alike. To explore data with Orange, one requires no programming or in-depth mathematical knowledge. We believe that workflow-based data science tools democratize data science by hiding complex underlying mechanics and exposing intuitive concepts. Anyone who owns data, or is motivated to peek into data, should have the means to do so.

Setting up

  1. Set up a virtual environment. We recommend Miniconda.
    conda create python=3 --name orange3
  2. Fork your chosen repository.
    Press the fork button in top-right corner of the page
  3. Clone it.
    git clone ssh://[email protected]/<your-username>/<repo-name>
  4. Install it.
    pip install -e . or python develop

Now you're ready to work with git. See GitHub's guides on pull requests, forks if you're unfamiliar.
If you're having trouble, get in touch on Discord.


For easy installation, Download the latest released Orange version from our website.

Installing with Miniconda / Anaconda

Orange requires Python 3.6 or newer.

First, install Miniconda for your OS. Create virtual environment for Orange:

conda create python=3 --name orange3

In your Anaconda Prompt add conda-forge to your channels:

conda config --add channels conda-forge

This will enable access to the latest Orange release. Then install Orange3:

conda install orange3

To install the add-ons, follow a similar recipe:

conda install orange3-<addon name>

See specific add-on repositories for details.

Installing with pip

To install Orange with pip, run the following.

# Install some build requirements via your system's package manager
sudo apt install virtualenv build-essential python3-dev

# Create a separate Python environment for Orange and its dependencies ...
virtualenv --python=python3 --system-site-packages orange3venv
# ... and make it the active one
source orange3venv/bin/activate

# Install Orange
pip install orange3

Installing with winget (Windows only)

To install Orange with winget, run:

winget install --id  UniversityofLjubljana.Orange 

Starting Orange GUI

To start Orange GUI from the command line, run:

# or
python3 -m Orange.canvas

Append --help for a list of program options.