This is a simple DCA crypto trading bot for Binance. It allows you to DCA any number of coins at a given interval. This DCA bot comes with better reporting than what you see on exchanges like Binance, by calculating your average DCA with each purchase. It also presents a historical graph of each DCA so you can compare against the market in the long run.

This crypto trading bot is meant to accumulate coins on Binance, and therefore has no sell strategy. This needs to be manually managed by the user.


1. Clone the repo 2. add your API keys in auth/auth.example.yml and rename the file to be auth.yml 3. configure the settings on your bot in config/config.example.yml and rename the file to be config.yml 4. Remove the reporting examples in trades/dca-tracker


For a step-by-step guide on how to set it up and configure please see the guide here: DCA crypto trading bot Binance


See the video linked below for an explanation and rationale behind the bot. As well as the coding process

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